Activecampaign Lite vs Plus

Understand The Difference between Activecampaign Lite vs Plus:

Personally I’m a huge fan of ActiveCampaign and use it daily in my business.

ActiveCampaign has more robust automation features and CRM functionality and bundled together, which makes it an awesome option for marketers, small businesses, SaaS and software companies etc.

ActiveCampaign has flexible pricing and options available for solopreneurs and bloggers, so it can also be a great option for companies or individuals with fewer automation needs, though I will say (having worked with a ton of email SaaS companies), that its editor can be a bit clunky and it’s definitely not super beginner-friendly.

ActiveCampaign Lite vs Plus Pricing

ActiveCampaign has the following four pricing plans available when you pay yearly for 500 contacts:

  • Lite Plan: $9/month
  • Plus Plan: $49/month
  • Professional Plan: $129/month
  • Enterprise Plan: $229/month

Some things to note:


ActiveCampaign’s automation capabilities blow GetResponse out of the water.

You get access to ActiveCampaign’s automation feature on all plans starting with the Lite plan at $15/month

ActiveCampaign offer recipes for automations as suggestions on how you can build them however you can choose to modify it, or choose to build from scratch which is what I normally do.



ActiveCampaign offer in built reporting tools that give you needed stats in email marketing such as

  • open rate
  • click through rate
  • week,day,hour of email opens and link clicks

You can access all this data in their reporting sections.

SMS Sending

ActiveCampaign offers in-built SMS sending capabilities.

This feature is available on ActiveCampaign’s Plus plan starting at $49/month.

Sales Funnel and Webinars

ActiveCampaign does not have a Sales Funnel or Webinar feature.

ActiveCampaign focuses on being an email and sales automation tool.

If you need this feature ActiveCampaign offers integrations to many funnel and webinar tools either directly or through a tool like Zapier.

ActiveCampaign is also expensive: to get the full features, the starting price is $49 per month. This might be too much to begin with for startups or small businesses. ActiveCampaign also offers a Lite plan at $9, but it does not offer full features – which kind of defeats the purpose of having a starter’s plan.

It integrates with plenty of other systems and is robust enough even on the “Lite” plan to create sequences that can help automate sales, segment your list and weed out the non-responsive (with a little know how).

One online business I work with easily makes 2 million+ in revenue per year and is still only on the “Lite” plan. So that could be all you need.

If you need the sales pipeline CRM, lead scoring and integration with FB for advertising…you’d need to instead go for their “Plus” plan. It’s a bit of a jump in price from “Lite”, but if you’re actually using the features it should actively generate revenue for you.

Some features include

Predictive Content – different contacts will see different content based on their characteristics determined by AI
Predictive Sending – ActiveCampaign will send an email to a contact at a time it thinks it is more likely for that contact to open the email using AI.
These AI-powered features are available in the higher tier Professional plan.

okay so today we’re going to be looking at the difference between these different packages in activecampaign and which one is going to be right for you and primarily we’ll be looking at the light plan versus the plus plan and there’s also a professional plan here but to be honest most people don’t really need the professional plan or the enterprise plan so these two are really good that most people will be looking at.

1. Light Plan

this one here comes with unlimited sending you can do all your email marketing send email campaigns forms or automation and of course, you get your chat and email support and up to three users this one here is pretty much all most people need like 99 of people this would be fine for you so what this includes is, it includes the campaigns so you can send a campaign to your user it includes all the automation and with all the automation logic trees and triggers and all that sort of stuff that you can do in all the other plans you can get access to all of that it doesn’t include the deals doesn’t include the conversations but it includes lists includes forms and reports as well and also the contact level stuff so pretty much nine times out of ten this is going to be enough for most people so why would you move up to the plus plan.

2. Plus Plan

you can integrate with facebook custom audiences and what that enables you to do is within an automation you can add or remove contacts every time that they’re in that automation to a custom audience in facebook and so that is going to be under contacts add to a facebook audience and of course you need to connect it up but you can add or remove them to a facebook custom audience with that system then we’ve got lead scoring and contact scoring you can score based on a deal and also on a contact and those are really handy if you’ve gota lot of leads coming into your system and you need to filter those leads to the most engaged or the people that have purchased the most value from you the most purchases total value all the number of product purchases so you might have might set up a whole bunch of different scores to sort of filter those those contacts in your database so that you know who you should be reaching out to manually normally a lead score you would just use for either triggering automations so when they get to 200 points then they might trigger an automation to book in for a free call or when they get to negative 50 points and they might trigger an automation to you know tell them off because they’ve been naughty whatever it is then you could use lead scoring for that and of course we get the integrations with this as well so the integrations includes all the e-commerce integrations for activecampaign so that is the shopify, woocommerce, square, big commerce the main one here the main two are really shopify and woocommerce. big commerce and square they’re a bit basic really for what you get but shopify and woocommerce the integration is pretty good and shopify is the best out of those two however if you’ve got ashopify account and that’s primarily what you’ll be using activecampaign for i recommend clavio instead and even for woocommerce clavio would be the better alternative for all your ecommerce needs activecampaign is just not there with all the features clavio is the better system for that sms marketing that’s included in this plus plan however you can get around that you can add sms marketing into here because you’ve you can do it via a webhook i’ve got a video on that you can watch that dynamic content that’s actually pretty handy and that’s a really fun feature to use they used to have that in the light plan but they moved that up into the plus plan probably hoping for people to upgrade and the dynamic content is pretty good actually like in an email i’ll show you quickly here we can set the email content to change based on a whole range of different properties that the contact may or may not have so what i mean by that is they may have a tag or they may not have a tag and we can set a block in the email to show or not shows o click here and we’ll set the make conditional and we’ll say tag exists and here we might type in purchase so purchase five apples ebook and so now this block here this block of text is only going to show to the contacts that have the tag purchase five apple’s ebook and you can do that sort of personalization within an email itself so rather than having 20 different emails you can just have one email with all these blocks that show or don’t show based on different properties for a contact so that is pretty good the dynamic content and that’s certainly worth paying extra for if you’re going to use it and also the extra users does come in handy and with those extra users you will need user permissions because you may have users using the crm and other sort of functions that come with this upgradeso that that’s that there now we’ve gotthe crm and sales automationthat’s included with all three of these plans now the crm is the deals pipeline and we looked at that briefly just a second ago so the deals pipeline is here and that comes with the plus professional and enterprise comes with all three of those now sales automation that’s really just assigning tasks assigning deals moving deals to different stages in the pipeline that’s what sales automation is that’s not email automation email automation to get that in here in the light plan so here’s your deals you can add deals move them around all these different levels etc and that’s included in all these like i said if i was looking at building ausing this for a crm i generally would just up would just purchase maybe pipe drive which you can get for 20 25 bucks a month pricing so15 a month for the essential plan on pipe drive and that will save you you know whatever it is the difference there sixty dollars roughly from upgrading for that but if you do wanna upgrade you can certainly upgrade and have it all in one and there are a couple of things that you do get particularly the dynamic content would be worth the upgrade and also the lead scoring and facebook custom audiencesthose three things in themselves definitely worth upgrading for those if you’re going to use them.

now we’re looking at the professionalplan which is quite a jump up hundredbucks a month extrauh we do get unlimited sending as beforepredictive sending this timenow these predictive sending andpredictive contentuh activecampaign has just introducedthese features it’s part of the aiinitiative that they’re rolling out mostpeoplewon’t be using these features and to behonest the ai is notamazing it’s pretty decent like it’s notgoing to send an email to someone at 3amif it knows the time zone it’s going tosend it at 7am or 9amand then once it gets to know that userand when they’re opening their emailsit’s going to send it at that peak timeonce it gets to know them so if you’resendinga lot of emails and by a lot i mean say10 000 a monththen it may be worth upgrading to thisprofessional planto then get that predictive sending andpredictive contentnow predictive content is very similarto dynamic contentexcept that activecampaign is the ai isgoing to make those decisions for youinstead of you making them with thedynamic content herecustomer attribution and path topurchase that’s something that’s reallygood fore-commerce now with clavio you get thatas a standard soand clavio’s going to be a lot cheaperthan this for 500 contactsso that’s not really a selling point butif you areusing active campaign for everything andyou want the attribution then yes youdefinitely want to upgrade to get thatit’s not the best attribution modelclavios is certainly a lot clearereasier to see when probability on thosedealsyou get that by default with pipedrivebut youyou don’t you don’t get it until youupgrade for active campaignand then honestly the wind probabilityit’s not that great of auh

An add-on conversion attribution reporting yeah that’s a fairly good report split automations which can be pretty amazing to be able to split automations but you can just do that with the normal active campaign light version i don’t know why they’ve got that in here possibly that with their new plans they’ve separated that feature out but previously that was included with this light plan you could split automations with that that module site messaging honestly most people don’t use that in-depth onboarding consultation may be worthwhile but if you’re working with consultant which at this level you probably should be you don’t really need a consultation automation strategy don’t really need that if you’ve got a consultant and one-on-one sessions per month well that’s probably what you’re paying foruh for that extra price there so that’s really what you’re paying for these three things down the bottom the rest i don’t think it’s worth it and i very rarely recommend in fact i’ve never recommended any of my customers to my clients to upgrade to the plus to the professional level

now the enterprise level that’s one step further you do get custom reporting they say it’s in beta and yeah it is in beta customer reporting is not that great they basically build it out for you and it’s pretty clunky and not really user friendly custom mail server you really don’t want to have that unless you’ve got someone that’s working on your email marketing full time and someone that’s going to manage that for you it’s not a selling point unless you know what to do custom domain again not really a selling point the only person that sees your domain is you so you know it’s only really for enterprise that you want to change it may be dedicated account rep again that’s probably really what you’re paying for free design services that’s a bit of anot really valuable in my opinion free social data that is could be valuable but you’re probably not going to use it phone support and then uptime slaunlimited users so the unlimited users may be important if you’re using the crm but if you’re not using the crm then that’s not going to give you any sort of benefit there and really 50 users for most people will be more than enough so i don’t really see any point in upgrading to the enterprise either so that’s why i recommend either the light or the plus and nine times out of ten i do just recommend the light plan you can see that the prices scale quite dramatically as these move up from the light plan 5000 users active contacts is only 80 bucks versus almost or over double for the plus plan and then the professionals just a little bit extra of the extra 50 bucks a month so there’s not a huge differencein the pricing as you get larger as you get higher in the pro in the in the contacts but certainly when you’re first starting out there’s a huge difference in the pricing discrepancy here but as you do get more contacts and you become more comfortable it does get slightly cheaper to have those extra plans so that’s that in a nutshell the one that i do recommend is this light plan which is fantastic for most people and then if you really do want those extra features you get pretty much al lof them in this plus plan in fact i don’t recommend i propose to plans here um so that’s my on my opinion on the light plan and all the different plan levels in active campaign leave a comment below i’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter and possibly you might have some different opinions and ideas about the different features that are in these other plans.

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