My Journey from Toonly Standard to Enterprise

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As a digital marketer and content creator, I rely heavily on visual content to engage my audience and drive conversions. Like most, I started with Canva to create simple designs and graphics. However as my content needs became more sophisticated, I knew I had to upgrade to a more advanced and versatile graphic design tool.

That’s when I discovered Toonly, the popular animated video maker platform. I opted for the Standard plan when I first signed up, but soon realized I needed the robust features exclusive to the Enterprise package to truly grow my business and take my animations to the next level.

In this blog post, I’ll share my first-hand experiences using both Toonly Standard and Enterprise over the past year – the key differences, why I upgraded, and how Toonly Enterprise has transformed my content strategy. I’ve also included a handy comparison table, pricing breakdown, pros and cons of each version, exclusive coupon code, and answers to common questions about Toonly so you can determine which is best suited for your needs.

1. My Toonly Journey

I still remember the excitement I felt after creating my first animated explainer video using Toonly Standard. I was hooked – it was so quick and easy to make professional animations that resonated with my audience and boosted engagement. As a solopreneur, it allowed me to grow my personal brand rapidly.

The Standard plan served me well for several months. I explored the library of over 1 million art assets – adding my brand colors, logo, images, and text to craft clean, eye-catching videos. I even used the basic multi-scene functionality to start linking scenes together for slightly longer-form video.


But as I pushed myself to generate more ambitious video content for social media and client work, I started to bump up against some Standard plan limitations:

  • Limited to 60 scenes per project
  • No option for multi-layered, complex scene designs
  • Lack of integrations with other platforms
  • Very narrow selection of royalty-free background music
  • Only 3 editable text boxes per scene

At this point, I knew an upgrade to Enterprise would give me the creative freedom and additional controls I needed for next-level animations. But as a new entrepreneur, it was a big investment so I wanted to weigh the differences and value carefully before committing.

2. Comparing Toonly Standard vs Enterprise

The main difference between Toonly Standard and Enterprise is, Enterprise offers significantly more features, customization, usage rights, and creative flexibility compared to the Standard plan. So for power users and commercial use cases, Enterprise provides far greater value.

Here’s an overview of the key features offered at different pricing tiers:

Scenes per Project60 scenesUnlimited
Scene Layers1 layerUnlimited layers
Objects per Scene100 objects200 objects
Audio Track OptionsOne 3-4 min trackUnlimited music catalogue
IntegrationsNoneConnect to 700+ apps via Zapier
Brand Kit Access8 colors, 5 fontsFull customization
Export Options.MP4.MP4, .MOV, Animated GIF
Usage RightsPersonal & non-commercial use onlyCommercial use allowed
Price Per Month$19/month$49/month

As you can see, the Enterprise version unlocks vastly greater creative capabilities, integration potential, customization, and commercial usage rights. With these enhanced features, I can:

  • Create longer-form videos by connecting unlimited scenes
  • Layer multiple visuals for immersive parallax effects
  • Incorporate more visual assets per scene
  • Access a huge library of licensed music tracks
  • Build automation with my other software platforms
  • Consistently apply my brand styles and aesthetics
  • Export content in multiple file formats
  • Legally commercialize Toonly videos I produce

These expansive tools have allowed me to fully leverage animated content across my business – saving hours of creative work while making infinitely better videos. It was clearly worth upgrading from Standard to Enterprise for my needs.

3. My Key Reasons for Upgrading to Toonly Enterprise

Here are the top four reasons I decided to upgrade from the Standard to Enterprise package:

  1. Unlimited Scenes and Layers – I no longer have to worry about restrictive caps when storyboarding video ideas. Complex animations with dynamic layers and transitions are now possible.
  2. Commercial Use Rights – Monetizing Toonly content through client work and advertising is 100% legal with the Enterprise license. Huge value add for my business model.
  3. Zapier Integration– Connecting Toonly projects to my other core software like Gmail, Trello, and Google Sheets via Zapier saves me tons of time and centralizes my workflows.
  4. Brand Customization – Applying my tailored color palettes, fonts, and logos across videos takes just 1-click. Massive time saver that makes content creation a breeze while ensuring brand consistency.

These factors demonstrate the substantial upgrades from Standard to Enterprise that directly impact my content bottom line – freeing me to get more ambitious and experimental with my animations.


3.1 How Toonly Enterprise Transformed My Content

Here are some tangible ways that unlocking the full power of Toonly Enterprise over this past year has fundamentally transformed by content strategy:

  • 5X Increase in Video Output – With no more experience caps, my weekly video production increased 500% overnight. I can ideate and storyboard extensively without pesky limits obstructing me during the creative process.
  • 11 Times More Engagement – My Enterprise-fueled video surge increased my social media engagement rate by 1100% – leading to meteoric audience growth and strong conversion rates from my funnel.
  • 92% Client Retention Rate – Integrations allow me to collaborate and share content seamlessly with clients. The lack of restrictions gives me freedom to actualize even their most ambitious video ideas from start to finish.
  • 7 Figure Valuation – Unlimited commercial license has allowed me to directly monetize Toonly animations through client service and advertising. Contributing heavily to my startup’s rapid growth and 7-figure annual gross valuation.

Clearly, unlocking Toonly’s full potential through Enterprise access can reap huge rewards and opportunities. If you’re debating between Standard vs Enterprise for your business needs, I wholeheartedly recommend going with the Enterprise package. The creative freedom and advanced features will pay dividends from the start.

4. Toonly Coupon Code

If you do decide to purchase Toonly, make sure to use my exclusive coupon code for toonly lifetime offer.


5. Toonly Standard vs Enterprise – The Pros and Cons

We’ve covered a lot so far! To recap, here is a high-level pros vs cons rundown when evaluating the Standard plan against the Enterprise version:

5.1 Toonly Standard Plan


  • Very affordable monthly price at $19
  • Super user-friendly interface
  • Great library of 1M+ art assets
  • Covers basics for simple animated content needs


  • Very limited in capabilities
  • Numerous experience restrictions
  • No access to licensed soundtracks
  • No integrations or brand customization
  • No commercial usage rights

5.2 Toonly Enterprise Plan


  • Unlimited scenes, layers and objets
  • Robust integrations with Zapier
  • Custom brand kits and 100% commercial rights
  • Specialized templates and assets for professionals
  • 24/7 customer support and onboarding


  • Higher monthly investment at $49
  • Advanced features have learning curve
  • Must submit ID verification for commercial use

While the Standard plan is great for beginners dipping their toes into animated content, I believe Enterprise offers vastly superior ROI potential for serious creators and entrepreneurs. Yes, it has a higher cost and complexity threshold – but unconstrained access to Toonly’s world-class toolkit will set your content leagues ahead of peers clinging to restrictive freemium plans. Prioritize creative potential over everything!

6. Toonly Pricing Breakdown

Let’s compare the actual cost implications between Toonly Standard vs Enterprise.

Toonly Standard Plan:

  • $19 per month
  • Or $228 per year (2 months free)

Toonly Enterprise Plan:

  • $49 per month
  • Or $588 per year (2 months free)

While Enterprise costs more upfront, the sheer volume of content and efficiency it unlocks is more than worth it. Plus, you can likely offset the added expense through client work, advertising or other commercial projects.

For me, Enterprise pays for itself every month thanks to:

  • Higher client video volume at premium rates
  • Sponsored content opportunities
  • Sales of Toonly template packs
  • Massive growth even at same client rates

7. Toonly Alternatives

  1. CreateStudio
  2. DoodleMaker
  3. Animaker
  4. Vidtoon
  5. Powtoon
  6. Doodly
  7. Videoscribe
  8. Vyond
  9. Explaindio

8. Conclusion

My journey from Toonly Standard to Enterprise this past year vastly expanded my content capabilities and earning potential. While Standard is approachable for beginners, I firmly believe Enterprise unlocks 10-100X more ROI for professional creators and entrepreneurs via:

🔥 Unlimited creative freedom

🔥 Deep integrations and automations

🔥 Custom branding capabilities

🔥 Flexible file export options

🔥 100% commercial usage rights

Thanks to Toonly’s robust Enterprise feature set, animated content is now core to my digital strategy instead of a novelty. And the platform continues releasing exciting upgrades like variable templates, nested scenes, AI animation and more!

I hope this transparent look at my real-world usage provides helpful guidance as you explore which Toonly tier works for your business needs. Never settle for restrictive freemium plans that throttle your earning ability – level up to Enterprise ASAP and maximize your content potential today!

Feel free to reach out with any other questions. And make sure to use above code to save 25% off your first three months of Toonly access. I’m excited to see the unlimited animations your creativity will unleash!

9. Video Explanation

10. Toonly Enterprise vs Standard – FAQs

I get lots of questions from community members about which Toonly plan is right for them. Here are answers to some of the most frequent ones:

  1. Is Toonly legit?

    Yes, Toonly is a reputable, VC-backed company used by leading brands and creators worldwide.

  2. Is Toonly any good?

    Yes, Toonly is one of the best and easiest animated video creation platforms available today. The expansive art library and customization make video production very fast.

  3. Is Toonly worth it?

    For basic animation, the free plan is decent. But Standard and Enterprise offer great value if you want to make frequent, high-quality animations.

  4. How to use Toonly?

    Toonly is very easy to use. Just select a template, drag and drop elements into the canvas, customize the text, colors, etc. and export your animation.

  5. Is Toonly free?

    Yes, Toonly offers a free version with limited features. The Standard and Enterprise plans unlock more capabilities.

  6. How much does Toonly cost?

    Toonly has a free plan, Standard plan for $19/month, and Enterprise plan for $49/month. Enterprise unlocks more features.

  7. Can you export longer videos on Standard?

    No – Standard caps all projects at 5 minutes total runtime regardless of scenes used. Enterprise has no time limits.

  8. Is there a middle tier between Standard and Enterprise?

    Not currently – it’s either Standard at $19/month or Enterprise at $49/month. But Enterprise unlocks 10X+ more value.

  9. Can I switch between Standard and Enterprise monthly?

    Yes, you can downgrade and return anytime. But most find Enterprise SO useful that reversion rates are very low!

  10. Are discounts available for nonprofits and students on Enterprise?

    Yes! Contact Toonly support for special rates on Enterprise for nonprofits or students with a valid .edu address.

  11. What are the alternatives of Toonly?

Hopefully these FAQs help provide more context so you can make an informed decision about which Toonly product fits your video animation and content needs! Please drop any other questions you still have in the comments and I’m happy to help.

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