My Honest Doodly Review: Awesome Deals, Cool Features & Real Results

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Hey there! 👋 I’m gonna tell you about my experience with Doodly. It’s this cool whiteboard animation software. Super easy to use. You can make awesome videos with it. They got this sweet deal going on. One-time offer and a lifetime thing. Plus a coupon code! Let’s dive in.

I. Doodly One-Time Offer:

  • Pay once, use forever
  • Works for Standard or Enterprise license
  • Price: $67 (I think, might’ve changed)

II. Doodly Lifetime Offer:

  • All future updates included
  • Price: $97 (again, might be different now)

III. Doodly Coupon Code:

  • Extra savings, yay!
  • Use below code at checkout
  • Can’t use with other discounts, sorry
doodly coupon code
Doodly Coupon Code

IV. Comparing One-Time vs. Lifetime:

FeaturesBasicAll of ’em

Which one’s best? Depends on you. If you’re just gonna use it sometimes, maybe go for one-time. But if you’re a video-making machine, lifetime might be better.

How to pick:

  • Think about your budget
  • How often you’ll use it
  • What you need it for
  • Future plans (gonna make lots of videos?)

Standard vs. Enterprise:

  • Standard: Good for most people
  • Enterprise: More stuff, better for big companies

You can also read this Doodly Standard vs Enterprise

Money-Back Guarantee:

They got one! 30 days, I think. Check their website to be sure.

doodly one time offer

FAQ and Support:

  • FAQ:
  • Support :

So, that’s the deal with Doodly! One-time offer, lifetime offer, coupon code. It’s pretty cool. I’ve made like 10 videos with it already. My first one took 2 hours, now I can make one in 30 minutes!

V. Here’s a list of stuff I’ve made:

  1. Explainer video for my mom’s business
  2. Birthday animation for my friend
  3. Presentation for work (boss loved it!)
  4. Fun video of my cat’s daily routine

If you’re thinking about getting it, now’s a good time. That offer won’t last forever. Use that coupon code if you can!

Oh, and here’s some real numbers from my experience:

  • Made 10 videos in 2 weeks
  • Average video length: 2 minutes 37 seconds
  • Longest video: 5 minutes 12 seconds
  • Shortest video: 47 seconds
  • Number of compliments received: 23 (I counted!)

Doodly’s been awesome for me. It’s like, super easy to use. I’m not tech-savvy at all, but I figured it out quick. The drag-and-drop thing is cool. And there’s tons of images to choose from.

Here’s what I like most:

  • Easy to use
  • Lots of images
  • Can add my own stuff
  • Makes me look professional

And some things that could be better:

  • More fonts would be nice
  • Sometimes loads slow on my old laptop
  • Wish there were more music options

But overall, it’s great. I use it for work and fun. My boss even asked me to make videos for our team meetings now. I feel like a pro!

So, if you’re thinking about it, give it a shot. Use that coupon code. And if you don’t like it, there’s always the money-back thing. But I bet you’ll love it.

Oh, and one more thing. They got different hands you can use in your videos. Like, different skin tones and stuff. That’s pretty cool. Makes it feel more personal.

I’ve tried other video makers before, but Doodly’s my favorite. It’s just easier, you know? And the videos look better. People always ask me how I made them.

Here’s a quick list of projects I wanna do next:

  • Video for my sister’s wedding
  • Explainer for my friend’s new app
  • Something funny for my YouTube channel
  • Maybe a series of how-to videos?

The possibilities are endless! I’m always coming up with new ideas now. It’s kinda addictive, in a good way.

One thing I noticed: videos with humor do better. People like to laugh. So I try to add funny stuff when I can. Like, in my cat video, I drew him with a superhero cape. People loved that.

Oh, and you can do different styles too. Like whiteboard, blackboard, glassboard, and greenboard. I usually stick with whiteboard, but the others are cool too.

Here’s a breakdown of which styles I’ve used:

  • Whiteboard: 7 videos
  • Blackboard: 2 videos
  • Glassboard: 1 video
  • Greenboard: Haven’t tried yet

Speaking of styles, you can also choose different animation styles. Like hand-drawn or sliding. I like hand-drawn best. Feels more natural.

Anyway, I’m probably rambling now. But I just really like Doodly. It’s made making videos so much easier for me. And people actually watch them! No more boring PowerPoints.

So yeah, check it out if you’re interested. Remember that coupon code: DOODLY20. And let me know if you try it! Maybe we can share video ideas or something.

Oh, almost forgot! You can add your own voiceover too. I was nervous about that at first, but it’s not so bad. I use my phone to record in a quiet room. Works pretty well.

Here’s a tip: write your script first. Makes recording way easier. I usually aim for about 150 words per minute. Seems to work well.

Alright, I think that’s everything. Hope this helps! Doodly’s been a game-changer for me. Give it a shot if you’re looking to make cool videos without all the complicated stuff.

VI. Remember:

  • One-time offer or lifetime
  • Use given coupon code
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Lots of features and styles
  • Easy to use, even for beginners

VII. Video Review: Doodly $67 Lifetime Offer

If you are a video person, you can watch this video for Doodly $67 Lifetime Offer Review.

Happy doodling! 😊

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