Ubot Studio Review- Is it really the best automation tool maker?

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Here, we are going to review the UBot Studio in-depth to highlight what makes this particular software so special from others. We will be explaining its prominent features which have fascinated us over a period of time.

Ubot Studio is a web browser software that anyone can use to make their tasks automate and simplify including internet marketing people.

Ubot Studio Overview

The Ubot studio is the most evolving web software application in the botting world. To operate this, it is not necessary for users to know the coding language, this software is simple so that users can program and execute scripts in browsers with ease.

This application is designed in a simpler way that a user can perform hassle-free automating tasks of their daily routines, including data management, creating bots, finding and filling the forms by using Artificial Intelligence. UBot saves your time and money while transforming your ideas, and many more.

I have been making Digital Marketing tools with the help of Ubot Studio for a long time. Automation simplifies life for you and your customers. I’m making business by using this software.

So I am excited to write a review about this amazing software to make automated/ customized bots.

What you can do with Ubot Studio?

Here are a few examples:

  • Create and manage tons of blogs at the same time
  • Create an account on different social networking sites with a simple one-click
  • Publish your status updates and blog posts on every social network on the web simultaneously
  • Video that you made, you can publish it on different video sites on the web (like Youtube, etc)
  • Trick the web pages that you are visiting them, but in reality, you aren’t
  • Research and get the best keywords and niches
  • Shape extraordinary, modified, AI bots without having  knowledge of any programming language
  • Get Automatically manage site administration on places like WordPress, Cpanel, blogger, Tumblr, Pinterest, and more
  • Automate messaging, account creation, blogging, uploading, and networking, data recovery
  • Post your articles to all those major article sites and places that your competitors never heard about it
  • Attach bookmarks to any sites that you wish for
  • Create tons of backlinks quickly
  • Create your software with your favorite features that other software doesn’t have
  • Add friends, join several forums, and become a social person on hundreds of sites
  • Post classified ads on all classified sites on the web
  • Scrape proxies, webpage rankings, content, or whatever else on any site
  • Track page positions, analytics information, and AdWords information
  • Build a bot to own any discussion, social community, affiliate site, classified site, or any site
  • Create an entire marketing machine for yourself or your customers

Once again, Ubot Studio is able to do almost all the things online nearly anything that you need automated.

Why Ubot Studio is easy to operate?

No matter if you are a well-trained programmer or a fresher, Ubot Studio is pretty easy to operate. I am asserting this statement as I have been using this application for over 2 years, and I can say that I have created my work well-organized, exact, and fun.

Ubot is very helpful for its consumers with its in-built features. It is a great way to monetize your ideas to save time and money.

One of the features of Ubot Studio is the Windows automation feature for a simple PC solution. In comparison with other tools in the market, this software has full quality control and good link quantity control.

This tool will help you stand out in this competitive world.

Why Ubot is the best?

There are several reasons which proves that UBot Studio is the best

  • UBot is the solution for every web online marketer’s problem
  • It helps to automate all the regular basis activities that need continuous updates
  • This software helps to collect and assess the data that you required
  • It also synchronizes your account and manages data
  • It will do the jobs that should be done either inside a web program or in a program outside

As it is explained that this application is an automation software, it makes life easy for you and your client as well. Its compatibility rate is 99.9% with all the websites.

What are the remarkable features of UBot?

  • You can send and receive emails immediately by clicking on links included in the messages.
  • It provides you the power to save any kind of web content, containing CSS, Javascript, and HTML.
  • It provides drag and drop facility to easily create automation.
  • It saves your time by capturing captchas quickly.
  • It provides you the power of using and switching several proxies both in private and public,
  • It saves your time by filling the forms automatically.

Different versions of UBot

The features of Ubot Studio are classified into three categories(versions):


The Standard version includes the basic features that help you to achieve daily tasks. This category includes Visual Script Language, Support System, Visual UI Designer, Record, and Playback, Search and Save, Auto-fill Forms, Sending Emails, Proxies, Solve CAPTCHAS, Debug, Custom Commands, and many more that don’t need the wide knowledge of the programs and scripts. This arrangement of features is good for web advertisers who need to computerize easy to complex errands.

Professional –

This version has all the features that present in the standard version and includes advanced image recognition, performance enhancers, and a code view feature. With this professional version, you can automate the pages with Flash, Java, and Movie Player applets. This version includes SQL Database Integration, Multi-threading, Scheduling, and many more features that are appropriate for advanced and professional activities.

Developer –

The Developer version has all the features that are available in the professional version. In this version, you will have the ability to modify your bots using CSS, HTML, and Javascript. With the help of this version, you can remove UBot Studio branding from the bots you produce. This version is for the software developers who want to modify the software inside the UBot studio.

What I like (Pros)

1. User interface is clean and uncluttered
2. Drag and Drop options save more time
3. Program is easy to learn and use

What I dont like (Cons)

1. Simple actions will lock up the program for a few seconds
2. Compiled bots sometimes randomly crash

What about Pricing?

All three versions come in different pricing packages:

  • Standard – The cost of this version is $295. It includes all the standard features. Apart from the standard features, it includes few months of Free support, updates, access to the bot bank, & unlimited access to the forum.
  • Professional – This version costs $595 and includes all the features of the standard version as well as the professional version. This package can be thought of as the best package.
  • Developer – This package comes in $995 and includes all the features of all three versions i.e. standard, professional, and developer.

Alert: The prices of this software may vary weekly, so please check the current pricing by hitting below link

Today’s Pricing

What else do you get inside?

  • Every Edition includes the ability to automate the web and compile software
  • 3 months of award-winning full-time support, updates, and Bot Bank access
  • Priority access to the UBot Network, a community, and economy for bot builders

Some facts you should know

UBot Studio has been tested to work powerfully on nearly every website our customers have ever considered automating – including all the ones you’re thinking of.

Other automation software forces you to play by the rules that the Developers set. And if they do offer any flexibility, they force you to learn complicated programming languages, essentially forcing you to be the developer.

With the help of this software, you hold all the power of a developer without having to learn how to program. You decide where and what to automate. There’s no need for a fancy computer science degree to create your army of bots. There’s no need to learn complicated scripting languages to build world-class bots, or even to build socket-based or headless bots and bots that use Python or specially built plugins.

With this application, you get the best of both worlds – visually simple and drag-and-drop automation combined with the power of serious development tools.

Simply put, UBot Studio is ready to take you to the next phase in your journey.


Does UBOT assure money-back guarantee?

UBot Studio’s return policy is very flexible. Now you are thinking, how? In any case, you change your mind and cancel your purchase, you can get a refund easily and even you can keep all the software that you have developed so far even if you cancel your purchase.

How to get discount?

There are some eligibility criteria if you want to get discount. Check your eligibility

How much rating will you like to give this application?

I would like to give: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Final Thoughts

It was an incredible experience to share my review on UBot Studio. I would like to recommend that you should try it once.

It saves your time and monetizes your fabulous ideas. If we talk about the prices, it is so reasonable and a 30-day return policy is also fascinating. In my opinion, it is a fabulous deal. With all the amazing features, this application is coming at reasonable prices.

Use UBot Studio and experience its amazing features.