[Updated Today] Tubebuddy Review

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Your search for the best Youtube Video Optimizing Tool has come to an end and I can vouch that it won’t be a disappointing you with my opinion.

Tubebuddy is worth it and you will easily achieve success on youtube. I will share the benefits and advantages of Tubebuddy here. 

Quick Overview of Tubebuddy:

Tubebuddy is a youtube SEO tool that once gets installed in your PC, your entire youtube dashboard gets updated. Isn’t this magical!! You can take full advantage of it. 

Tubebuddy is welcomed by most of the successful YouTube content creators. Whether you are a newbie or expert YouTuber, but without this tool, you are one step away from success. 

How much does TubeBuddy cost?

At first, let me clear it to you that, it has both free and premium versions to use for you. Some of the features are totally free to use while some requires a premium plan but it is worth it.

In common it has provided you three different premium pricing plans and they are below.

PRO- $7.20/month  |  STAR- $15.20/month  |  LEGEND- $39.20/month

After examining both tools from all aspects I discovered that the TubeBuddy Pro is worth it and beneficial for incredible channel growth. This plan includes all the great features TubeBuddy has, including A/B testing feature, content planner & Keyword research without any limitation.


(If you want discount on above pricing, Tubebuddy has some eligibility criteria, check your eligibility here in just a second)

TubeBuddy (In-depth)

This YouTube Keyword Tool is one of a kind and will show you everything you need to know about your keyword. 

It will show you trending keywords and search volumes, related keywords with search volumes and competition scores, and it will let you know immediately if any video results were found on Google. 

This is much needed because Google is a big source of traffic!

Then, they have our biggest SEO asset – our Pre-Upload MetaTags Optimization Tool. This tool will help you with everything related to metatags. It will find the best tags for your video based on your keyword & recommend 3 titles that are sure to perform well on the platform. If you enter your video’s description, it will also go over it and give you tips and pointers on how to improve and optimize it for the search engine.

It also has a video optimization AI tool and a thumbnail optimization AI tool. Yes, you read that correctly – TubeBuddy allows you to optimize your videos & thumbnails, so your content will be optimized all-around & you will have the best chances of succeeding on YouTube. 

I can really go on and on about TubeBuddy, it’s that great, beneficial and worth buying. 

I think it’s best for you to try it out for yourself, though, and see if you like it!

How Tubebuddy is better for YouTubers? (Advantages)

When maintaining your Youtube channel, there are many important tasks you’ve got to compete on a consistent basis in order to grow on YouTube. This is especially true when it comes to fine-tuning your YouTube videos with great titles, descriptions, thumbnail images, tags, cards, and much more.

There are lots of Youtube tools available in the marketplace but I have found a tool for Youtube which is the best. The Tool is TubeBuddy – The Premier YouTube Channel Management Toolkit

TubeBuddy is a browser extension built on the premise that creators should be able to spend more time creating videos and less time managing them. As a browser extension available on Chrome, Safari, FireFox and Opera, TubeBuddy directly integrates into YouTube’s website & nearly all of our tools can be accessed right from inside YouTube’s website.

At times, this can be a lengthy process for YouTube vloggers (which by no means is a good excuse to stop or skip anything important). That being said, there’s something called TubeBuddy, which is dedicated to helping you save time in completing the essential tasks that required to grow your YouTube channel.

It also offers enhanced analytics for your channel. 

Generally, TubeBuddy for YouTube has more features in it to optimize and manage the channel, but one of the notable things is that, you will be ready to do all the things within the YouTube interface itself; because it’s a browser extension/browser plugin. 

Best of luck on your YouTube journey! Take advantage and benefit of Tubebuddy.