Lets Review: Why Tubebuddy Pro Is Really Really Worth it?

With this article, I will share everything that’s included with a TubeBuddy Pro License!

TubeBuddy Pro is one of the best and worth to buy Tubebuddy version among their 3 versions – Pro, Star, Legend. Many users feel that it saves their time & helps them to get successful over youtube without the need to upgrade to Star and Legend plans.

In this guide, I’ll share everything that you need to know about TubeBuddy Pro including:

  1. Essential functions of Tubebuddy Pro and how it works
  2. Whether TubeBuddy Pro is worth it (or not)
  3. How much TubeBuddy Pro licenses cost
  4. Which features of Star and Legend, you won’t get into Pro Plan
  5. My Experience with Tubebuddy Pro
  6. And so much more!

6 Things We Can Do With TubeBuddy Pro

This time I am covering all the tools/features you get with TubeBuddy Pro. This license includes all of the tools/features you get for free, with some awesome additions. I hope to answer the question “What more do I get going to Pro, from free?”

With the free version, Tubebuddy gives you limited access to some tools, with the pro version you get unlimited access. Here are the tools/features you get unlimited access to:

  • On the free version of Keyword Explorer, Insta- Suggest, suggested tags, video topic planer, you’d see this (Show locked screen) Now it’s unlimited!
  • For Thumbnail Generator you can now save templates, download your thumbnail, and have options to add extra custom images!
  • For Playlist actions, you now have advanced ordering options!
  • With comment filters, you can now hide comments or filter individual videos!
  • And finally you also have unlimited upload defaults and tag lists!

Feature that you only get in Tubebuddy Pro are:

  • Weighted Keyword Scores: Use your channel’s past performances to better understand how you’ll perform in the future when targeting keywords!
  • Card and End Screen Templates: Set any video as a Card/End Screen Template then easily apply that template to new uploads!
  • Tag Sorter: Reorder your video Tags on any video in any order quickly and easily!
  • Search Rankings: See where your video ranks for all of its Tags in YouTube search
  • Best Practice Audit: Perform automated checks to ensure you’re following YouTube’s recommendations!
  • Health report: Get an overall look at the health and performance of your channel!
  • Channel Back-Up: Protect yourself against lost data by backing up all your video’s metadata!
  • Member Perks: Some of the perks, like free access to Nick Nimmin’s TuberTools or Roberto Blake’s Starter Pack, can be a great addition to help you increase productivity
  • TubeBuddy Mobile: FREE access to Unlimited TubeBuddy Mobile
  • Audio Hero: FREE access to 250,000 premium royalty-free music tracks and sound effects via AudioHero.com
  • Collab Space: FREE 1-year pro membership to the fastest-growing collaboration community for Creators in the world CollabSpace.co (Requires 500 subs to join)
  • Tuber Tools: FREE access to high-quality graphics and video effects for your YouTube Channel via TuberTools.com
  • YouTube starter Kit: FREE access to Content Ideas, Thumbnails, End Screen and Card Templates via AwesomeCreatorAcademy.com
  • JukeDeck: FREE access to computer-generated audio tracks via Jukedeck.com
  • Epidemic Sound: 25% Off Cutting Edge Production Music for your YouTube Content via EpidemicSound.com
  • 3PlayMedia: Professionally Transcribed Captions for your YouTube Videos via 3PlayMedia.com for just $2/min
  • YouTube stock: 50% off Professional 4K no-copyright motion graphics and sounds via YouTubeStock.com!

Features That Are Not Available in Tubebuddy Pro

  • Scheduled Publish
  • Scheduled Video Update
  • Sunset Videos
  • Bulk Copy Cards
  • Bulk Copy End Screen
  • Bulk Delete Cards
  • Bulk Delete End Screen
  • Bulk Find
  • Replace & Append
  • Bulk Thumbnail Overlays
  • Bulk Update Cards
  • Bulk update end screens
  • Demonetization Double-Check
  • Auto Translator
  • Tag Translator
  • Video A/B Tests
  • Opportunity Finder
  • Publish to Facebook
  • Channel Access
  • Click Magnet
  • Competitor Scorecard
  • Competitor Upload Alerts
  • Export Comments
  • Retention Analyzer
  • Brand Alerts

If you want these feature, you have to invest some more money to buy their Star or Legend Plan.

How much TubeBuddy Pro license cost?

In common it has provided you three different premium pricing plans and they are below.

STAR- $15.20/month

LEGEND- $39.20/month

Why It Is Worth It?

After examining all these three plans from all aspects, I discovered that the TubeBuddy Pro Plan is beneficial and worth it for incredible channel growth if you have a low budget. This plan includes all the great features TubeBuddy, including Keyword Explorer, Insta-Suggest, Suggested Tags, Video Topic Planner without any limitation.

Since 6 months I have been paying for TubeBuddy Pro plan yearly membership and in 1 day, it had already given me more value than I paid for it for the whole year.

The only thought that I had was, “Man! I really should have bought this much earlier!”

It is really worth it, Man !!


Is Tubebuddy Pro Safe for Youtube?


How to use Tubebuddy Pro?


How to get Tubebuddy Pro for free?

You can get it free. You have to pay just $7.20/month and it is worth the money

Is there any other good alternative for Tubebuddy?

There are two to three alternative of Tubebuddy. But Tubebuddy is the best.

Hope you got the answer of “Is Tubebuddy Pro” really worth it?”