Toonly Standard vs Enterprise comparison in a minute

toonly standard vs enterprise

I tried to write this blog in such a way that, you will get to know about Toonly‘s Standard vs Enterprise Plan including with Toonly Reviews in just 1-2 minutes.

The main Difference between Toonly Standard vs Enterprise are:

Character/Character Images3082
Character Animation1730
Prop Images10582024
Premade Scenes1020
Scenes/ Scenes Template21101
Background Audio/ Music Tracks20142
Get New Characters & Images MonthlyNoYes
Monthly Pricing$39/month$69/month
Yearly Pricing$20/month$40/month

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Pricing difference in Toonly Standard vs Enterprise

Monthly and Yearly rate both are a bit different for both standard and enterprise version

-> Monthly Pricing – $39/month for Standard and $69/month for Enterprise plan

-> Yearly Pricing – $20/month for Standard and $40/month for Enterprise plan

If you want discount on above pricing, Toonly has some eligibility criteria

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Toonly Review

I am reviewing this software by mentioning its Pros and Cons, in a very simple language.

Toonly Pros –

  1. It is software that can be used offline. This is a major pro as you don’t need an active internet connection to use the software.
  2. You can make Cartoon Explainer Video with the help of this software
  3. This software can provide some pre-made and in-built scenes and animated objects, that may help your video to be more attractive.
  4. Toonly is better when it comes to flexibility. It allows you to sync animation and other stuff at the same time.

Toonly Cons –

  1. This software does not offer the hand animation of the drawing features
  2. If you want to add a lot of text, then also you should not purchase this software. It is specially designed for animation as well as designing parts than to write in massive texts
  3.  You can’t upload your own images and sounds to use them in the videos

Toonly FAQ’s

Is Toonly Good?

This software not only gives a lot to its customers but also this software is remarkably easy to use. The cost is somewhat more extreme than I’d like for animated explainer videos making software, yet they offer huge customizations, backgrounds, and animations.

How much is Toonly?

Its pricing starts at $39 a month. Packaging and pricing are dependent on the number of animation entities being used that are accessible in its library.

Is Toonly worth it?

Though it is a bit expensive compared to regular animation software, a plethora of customization features and animations make it worth buying. If anyone interested in making explainer videos, not many options are available that are as good as Toonly. Nevertheless, it has some cons.

Which is better Toonly vs Doodly?

Toonly is best when it comes to cartoon explainer videos. But if you are looking for creating whiteboard animation videos, Doodly is the one you should opt for.

How to use Toonly for free? How to get it for free?

Unfortunately, you can’t use or get it for free.

Which one is the best version- Standard or Enterprise?

Standard is mostly used by beginners and Enterprise mostly used by Professionals.

Toonly vs Doodly (Comparison)

The main difference between both softwares is, for creating cartoon explainer videos, the best choice is Toonly. However, for whiteboard animation videos, one should opt for Doodly.

The rest of the differences between both the software’s including its Standard vs Enterprise Plan, I have mentioned in a table format, for clear, better, and fast understanding.

Doodly FAQ’s

I have mentioned all FAQ’s here

Final Winner

There is no clear winner between both of them. But according to me, Toonly is better than Doodly. Both are perfect video making software. You just have to choose one of them, which suits more to your requirements.

Toonly: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Doodly: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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