Aweber vs ActiveCampaign vs Omnisend

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ActiveCampaign is my first choice for the top email marketing software listed on this list. Its capabilities for automation are unparalleled and the ability to deliver emails is at least 99.

If you’ve got a site that you own, ActiveCampaign is also a great choice as it allows you to track specific actions that your customers are taking on your site, whether they are going to the page or clicking on a link.

Activecampaign FAQs

There are numerous extra features available when you upgrade to the higher-tier plan including lead scoring, and SMS messaging which are all part of ActiveCampaign. It is incredibly simple to incorporate SMS messages with your checklist since everything is all in one spot.

Let’s take a look at the various options that ActiveCampaign provides using its email marketing services.

Features Of ActiveCampaign

  • Dashboard: What’s appealing about ActiveCampaign is the main dashboard that is presented in a way that is easy to follow. It is easy to quickly see things such as the most recent activities of contacts, the interaction rates of active contacts, and look up top contacts, among other things. Activecampaign has a different dashboard for their two versions. Check it in detail here Activecampaign Lite vs Plus.
  • Contacts: ActiveCampaign has a great list of every contact’s name, email address, and telephone number along with the tag that it is associated with as well as the date on which the contacts were added to your database. The most beneficial thing I’ve discovered is you are able to utilize the drop-down filters that sort by tags’ names, lists or status. You can also look up an individual’s name. particular contact.
  • Campaigns: Campaigns within ActiveCampaign are basically emails that you could mail out in one-time emails or as a sequence of emails. The campaigns are presented in table formats. One of the features I frequently utilize is the ability to look at reports. By clicking report reports it lets you determine the number of opens of an email as well as clicks on links, and the precise time at which the contact has opened an email, or clicked on a link.
  • Advanced Automations: The Automations tab is where the magic occurs! What I love is that you can label certain automation in order to categorize them. This will be very helpful over time as you develop more automation. The most important thing you could accomplish with automation is to segment them.
  • Conversations: Conversations are a different feature that ActiveCampaign offers. It allows you to integrate live chat functionality directly onto your site and connect it to automated email systems.
  • Lists: The lists available in ActiveCampaign is yet another widely used feature. My personal preference, and what I would recommend is to create a handful of lists and then segment contacts based on using different tags in the email-related automation. For example, I have the main list and a couple of different lists for people who have bought specific products. The rest is based on my tags.
  • Forms: In the event that you want to include contacts in your autoresponder, you’ll need to design opt-in forms. The good thing is that creating forms is quite simple.
  • Reports: ActiveCampaign gives stunning reports that give you plenty of information. It is possible to see the number of clicks, opens and the specific contacts that took the action. The most important aspect with these reports is to determine what is working of bringing you the highest clicks and opens to build on.


After having used and tested Aweber I’d like to say it is simple but efficient.

Aweber FAQs

AWeber offers a straightforward design for email creation. The issue I encountered with it was that its automation capabilities were severely lacking when compared with ActiveCampaign as well as GetResponse. There was no if-else condition and there was no visual automation creator, with advanced widgets or list segmentation.

Have a look at the complete list of highlights below.

Features Of Aweber

  • email template Smart Designer AWeber has a complete visual template for email. If you’re in search of a service that lets you create elegant emails and templates, then AWeber offers you everything you need.
  • Auto-NewslettersSend out automatic emails every time you make a new blog article.
  • Automations Create workflows and email automation by tagging contacts with custom.
  • Reports It is possible to view data such as rates, open and click rates sales, unsubscribes and more.


From the picture above (found in the website of Omnisend’s site) You’ll see it’s Omnisend can be described as an email marketing tool which tries to be between every marketing channel.

Omnisend FAQs

You can basically connect:

  • Purchase behaviour
  • browsing behaviour
  • the behaviour of the campaign
  • automated emails
  • social media
  • search engines
  • SMS
  • Push notifications

Have a look at the complete list of highlights below.

Features Of Omnisend

  • FormsForms can be created with specific fields for sending information that is transmitted across channels.
  • Subscribers to customers You can create an automated system to recognize when a subscription has occurred then send an email to confirm the subscription and then send an SMS.
  • Segmentation– Segment your customers according to purchase patterns and many more.
  • ReportsCheck the progress of your sales across all channels of marketing. You can also see the data on various email campaigns that you’ve distributed.

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