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What exactly is AdNabu to do with Google Shopping?

Making your acceptable Google Shopping Feed and running it with a profit Google Ads is a multi-step procedure. Utilizing AdNabu you can design and verify your website with Google Merchant Center – AdNabu allows you to verify and identify your site automatically. There are no manual changes to your site. AdNabus application allows users to build an easy Google Shopping feed & run Google Ads. Every change made to your Shopify store are retrieved and automatically updated through the feed.

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Growth Shopify stores that want to increase sales via Google Ads while keeping their Return on Ad Expenditure in control.

AdNabu Overview

AdNabu is a simple Google Shopping Feed to use for Shopify stores. It allows you to set in place Google Merchant Center in order to also creates Google Shopping Feed in just a few clicks , without any mistakes immediately. It aids growing E-Commerce companies to increase sales through your Google Ads advertising campaigns.

The program for Shopping, Search and Display campaigns permits advertisers to identify new ways to make money from Google Ads and also improve existing campaigns. It allows the creation of the approved Google Shopping Feed in addition to then runs lucrative Google Ads is an ongoing procedure. It permits verification and claims of the site automatically. Every change made to the Shopify store are downloaded and automatically updated through the feed. The most important features are Shopify meta fields, multiple currencies, multilingual feeds, bulk editing products and product-specific suggestions.

Adnabu Pros & cons

The secret to running a successful business using Google Shopping is a solid feed as well as a dependable bid management tool. I’ve tried a variety of bid management tools that include including Shopify applications and other an external SaaS solutions. Some of them have AI and others without. The only thing they are in agreement is that you require an advanced degree of Adwords as well. If you start up a wrong course because of a insufficient documentation or misunderstandings they’ll perform the most foolish things in order to earn your dollar.The was this application from AdNabu. I let it set up an Adwords Shopping campaign Adwords without having to interfere with any settings. It actually produced three campaigns. I let the campaigns run in conjunction with a previous campaign that I had designed, and left Google to handle its AI bid management based on AI.
While Google was a great head beginning, the three campaigns yielded more ROI than Google within a couple of days. This was before I began conducting my ROI optimization (which is not to be used on every campaign until there are about twenty conversions). The campaigns is currently giving me its ROI as 12. I’ve never seen this kind of return from any other campaign that I’ve seen.
I am so happy to have found this treasure. If you’re interested in knitting yarns, you should make use of a different application. I’d prefer to keep this private.

AdNabu is the most effective PPC software designed for businesses that deal with E-Commerce. It allows E-Commerce companies to increase sales through the Google Ads ads. Our Software helps optimize existing budgets and identify new opportunities to generate sales. AdNabu offers powerful automation capabilities and live support 24×7 the best-in-class advertising optimization. More than 4000 companies around the world use AdNabu to power the power of their Google Ad Campaigns. You can start with a 14-day trial for a no-cost test (no credit card needed).