CreateStudio vs Doodly

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In this blog, I’m going to compare CreateStudio vs Doodly.

The first thing I’m going to share with you is what I actually recommend for you to use like-

  • What are the main differences
  • In what way doodly is better compared to CreateStudio
  • In what way CreateStudio is better compared to Doodly
  • CreateStudio & Doodly pricing plans
  • Side-by-side comparison

So let’s just start now

Now, first of all, these are three amazing software – CreateStudio & Doodly. These are software that you can use to make amazing quality videos that really really do well with people.

The main difference between CreateStudio & Doodly is that CreateStudio is a let’s say video making platform by which you can create explainer videos on the other hand Doodly is all about creating whiteboard animation videos so you can see clearly that you don’t see any colours so this is the first difference.

You can make 3D explaining videos and promotional video sketches with doodles and stomp teasers. You can also create character explainers, text animations, Logo intros and outros. 

The users can design the ideal video content to boost their sales and build their brand without any experience in design or technology. 

Users can also alter the dimensions of their videos to meet their needs.

Like CreateStudio, the Doodly tool allows you to make whiteboard animated videos within 30 minutes for marketing in just a few steps and without advanced technical knowledge.

The particularity of Doodly is that the tool focuses on explanatory videos with drawings and text on a white background as if you were writing on a blackboard.

It is, therefore, a very attractive option to create informative videos or share curiosities.

Doodly can also be used on Windows or Mac and costs $39, but from time to time it offers special prices for a one-time purchase (Doodly Lifetime Offer Review).

So it depends what kind of industry you’re in and also what you prefer do you want to have more like a whiteboard animation software.

CreateStudio vs Doodly

2D AnimationYesNo
3D AnimationYesNo
3D ModelingYesNo
3D Video Editing YesNo
Asset LibraryYesYes
Ease of UseDifficultVery Easy
SubscriptionYearly & One-time-payment Monthly & yearly
Mainly Used ByProfessionalsBeginners
Price$199 to $349 per year$240 to $480 per year
& $39 to $69 per month

Doodly is a whiteboard animation software where you can do explanation video tutorials, sales videos and so on and if you want to do more like a cartoon-style video which is also very very powerful and very easy to produce within CreateStudio.

If you want to make green board, blackboard, glass-board or any kind of animation style videos which are very very funky then definitely Doodly is the best for you or if you want to make cartoon videos which are also very very attractive and very powerful then go with CreateStudio.

These kinds of videos now whether it is Doodly or CreateStudio, grab people’s attention. It’s true people’s attention span is like a goldfish especially on youtube, people like watching a video and if they don’t like what they see and immediately in two or three seconds they switch on to the next video.

But these kinds of videos whether it’s a cartoon or a whiteboard animation they draw the attention of people.

So there’s a lot of benefits into using these kinds of software’s so whether you want to do a whiteboard animation or whether you want to do a cartoon based video these are amazing software to go for.

Another thing is, in Doodly you have plenty of characters and plenty of designs that you can use etc like characters.

CreateStudio Pros & Cons

– You can Install the application on your Windows or Mac system
– Best suits for large enterprises

– No Android & iOS App is available


Doodly Pros & Cons

– Android & iOS app is available
– Best suits for small businesses

– You can’t install this application on your Windows or Mac System


Advantages of Doodly

It’s easy to use

Creating animations is very easy with this software. Even if you are a beginner, you will find it easy to use after a few tries. -> How to use Doodly

Many Doodles

Whether it’s a great drawing or not, having a large library of images will certainly make your work easier and more fun, and that’s what Doodly offers you.

Custom Image Support

If you can’t find the images you want in the library, it’s easy to import them from other sources and add them to Doodly.


With Doodly, doubt can do your job well. The large catalog of images and media is very useful.

This software comes with pretty much everything needed to form a whiteboard animation.

While it may take some time to release the first video, it just gets more accessible from there.


In terms of support, Doodly is one of the best options available. 

When visiting the site for the first time, you will not find many videos or FAQs. 

However, choosing a particular line of inquiry yields many useful results.

They respond quickly to your emails, questions and are very helpful in general.

Regular Updates

Many alternatives release updates less than three times a year, and some don’t even bother to update the software.

Doodly is different. The manufacturer listens to user complaints and the team works hard to send useful updates as quickly as possible.

Updates are free once you have the animation software.

So whether it’s on your MAC or Windows computer, you can rest assured that Doodly will receive immediate updates designed to improve your experience.

Disadvantages of Doodly

No Color in Default Plane

You can choose standard or business plan. A disadvantage of the Standard plan is the lack of color images.

If you want color images, you must pay a one-time fee for the add-on.

If you only create black-and-white sketches, this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you don’t, you might be discouraged by having to pay an additional fee for color images.

No Offline Use

Doodly is only available with an Internet connection. If you are somewhere with bad reception, it can be annoying if you cannot access the software.

Limited Audio Resources

Although Doodly comes with a narration slot, it’s pretty basic and can be boring to use.

Hopefully, more updates will bring better features in this regard.


While it comes with a lot of features, the cost of Doodly can turn anyone off who is just looking to have fun with animated videos.

It’s more expensive than many other alternatives.

Slow Export

Exporting videos is a little slow. It may take up to 40 minutes to export an animation of 5 minutes or even longer.

In my opinion, its totally depends on you, which one you want to use and what are your things that you want to do with CreateStudio and Doodly

So thank you very much for reading this blog.

CreateStudio vs Doodly Video Review:

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CreateStudio vs Dooly Review

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