Boost “Email Open Rate” by 3 Elements of Email Marketing

Email Marketing Tutorial

“Customers are scanners of information, so crafting an effective email that entices them to want more is crucial to keeping your email marketing strategy effective.” Inboxes are flooded with a brand new email each day. In order to be effective, you need to make sure that your email content utilizes these 3 elements: The “From” … Read more

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Shopify Plus is really worth it | Benefits of Shopify Plus

Is Shopify plus worth it Shopify Plus Benefits

What is Shopify Plus? Shopify Plus is a multi-channel eCommerce platform for large corporations, wholesalers, and enterprise-level eCommerce stores that enables high-demand sales, greater levels of customization, and scalability. Benefits of Shopify Plus Shopify Plus includes an easy-to-navigate CMS for merchants, marketers, and eCommerce managers that enables them to manage products, content, and prices without … Read more

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Getresponse 60 days free trial | Getresponse pricing pro autofunnel

Before using or choosing any email marketing tool (like Getresponse or any other), you must confirm, does it has the following features in it or not : Free trial features that allow you to pilot the entire software and not just offer a limited view. Deliverability (rate of delivery of e-mail) campaigns reliably ensures that your e-mail should reach … Read more

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