Top Rated Television

#1.) LG OLED55CV – $1,696.99 as of 2/27/18

Standing at 55″ with Ultra HD, series C7 of LG, this television is the best rated for its performance. Featuring direct web access with its latest technology. With this product including 4 HDMI inputs, you can have it connected to any device with an HDMI cable you’d like.

Speaking about connectivity with cables and display, the LG OLED55CV’s screen display features OLED technology. Unlike LCD, OLED creates illumination using plasma to improve visual display. If you’re looking for a TV that you expect to last as long as you live, the LG OLED55CV is a purchase you cannot go wrong with as its consumers may say.

  • TV dimensions (without stand for TV) 48.4″ x 28″ x 1.8″
  • Built-in WIFI capabilities
  • Ultra 4k HD

If you’re serious about buying a TV for qualitative results, consider the LG OLED55CV as one of your top options!

Link to buy: (Amazon’s latest price: $1,696.99)





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